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Le femme et la maison – Nika Zupranc for Mooi

9 Mar

Communicative product designer, Nika Zupanc “works and dreams” in Ljubljana, Slovenia – a place as beautiful as her creations. Nika designs for Mooi, a Dutch design house for all things retro. No longer ‘up and coming’, but very much ‘arrived’, Nika’s diverse range of products have been described as everything from “techno chic” (BUSINESS WEEK) to “punk elegance” (Elle USA).

Nika’s emotive designs blur the boundaries between the ‘mundane’ and the ‘extravagant’, transforming everyday objects to iconic representations of the female psyche. For me, her collection is a tongue-in-cheek celebration of the constructed roles of women (and their extremity) – from ‘domestic goddess’ degli anni ’50 (of the Fifties) to le femme fatal. Sofia Loren with a briefcase, if you will.

Aesthetically beautiful and equally advanced in functionality, Nika’s products revolutionizes (objects we’ve seen before. The experimentation of ‘just in’ technologies, advanced engineering and new materials is redefining our expectations of design excellence. Zupanc’s works of art make for intriguing talking points – from the essence of femininity to working out their purpose. In many cases, Nika’s pieces are hybrids of a few iconic items we’ve all seen and owned before. For instance, the Scarlet table is a coffee table come aperitif tray, aperitif, a retro enamel-coated thing of beauty. I’ve had many a, … “It’s almost a … but not quite… it also looks like a ….. but it could also be used as a …. or could it?”, conversation with yourself. Design genius.

Here are some of my favourites…

1. Modesty sofa; 2. Lolita lamp; 3. Modesty bench; 4. Mrs. Dallaway, mini hotplate; 5. Scarlet table; 6. Upper case, container.


1. Black cherry lamp; 2. Phonique, sofa in c-minor; 3. Tapisserie, sofa in c-minor; 4. Unfaithful feather duster; 5. Tailored chair; 6. Konstantin B, toy car.

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