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Stockholm Design Fair: Mops and Head-Lights steal the show

18 Feb

Image source: Design Sponge

My MBA (MacBook Air) and I have coffee with our favourite design blogs every morning and today’s winner was Design Sponge‘s coverage of the chandelier installation at the Stockholm Design Fair.  Marie Antoinette would have wet herself should this had been around in her time.. and luckily, there would have been enough mops to oblige. The stunning ‘Mopelier’, designed and assembled by students from the Beckmans College of Design struck a balanced look between the pomp of crystal bling look and the soft, feathered effect of  the mops…’aristocratic-burlesque‘ if you like.

Read and see more here: http://www.designspongeonline.com/2011/02/stockholm-design-fair-chandelier-installation.html

Equally as obscure and wonderful was Swedish designer Alexander Lervik’s light bar installation called Dimensions which comprised of  1728 heads (male and femalre), arranged in 12 rows x 12 rows of posts in a cube-like structure. The heads constantly change colour, enabling transient moods for the desired atmosphere. Very cool.

Image Source: designbloom

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