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My dress “needs something”: Embellishments to die for

12 Apr

Have you found “the dress” but want to rip off and replace bits you’re not a fan of?

Today’s round up of beautiful embellishments can be used for most of your accessory needs: shoe slips, brooches, dress add-ons, hair pieces and more.

If you’re feeling particularly clever, check out our DIY links at the end.

Designer of the Week: Lo Boheme

Lo Boheme’s exquisite collection of vintage-inspired accessories are as versatile as they are gorgeous. I love the rhinestone + lace pieces.


So you really want to complete a D-I-Y project, but you don’t know how? Doing-it-yourself gives you a chance to incorporate objects that are special to you such as your mother’s favourite brooch or rosary beads.

Jewel Box Ballerina have created some great tutorials to guide you through a number of D-I-Y projects. They even have some free tutorials for alternative bouquets, shoe clips, fabric flowers, feather pens and brooch pins.

Style Me Pretty also have links to some lovely D-I-Y projects.

Leave a comment if you would like to find out where you can buy these beautiful treasures.


Cork Fetish

22 Mar

Hi, my name is Tania and I collect corks. I also happen to love wine but despite what my husband thinks, I don’t use my cork fetish to justify my vino habit. They go hand in hand. My ‘bucket’ is overflowing with corks and while I’m not quite sure what will become of them, I’m “saving them” for the day when I construct a fabulous work of art a-la-cork.

As I added another cheeky fella to my collection, I got carried away thinking of the endless opportunities. Some inspiration for the mental ‘to-do’ list…


Korkart by Gabriel Wiese

D-I-Y projects

It gets worse… I have a “special” cork box (for my BaroloChâteauneufduPape and Champagne millésimé extravagances) each with it’s own story and memories of sensory bliss. What better use for them than one of these delightful D-I-Y projects?

Cork that Thought

This inspiration came from Mintage Home. Grab a ‘special’ pen and start wine journaling recording details such as the date, the wine, what you ate and who you ate it with.

Image: Mintage Home

Brand -You

Recycle your corks (or raise the status of an extra special one) and make your own proper stamp. Full details of this project here.

Image: Zakka Life

Random objects

Shock-absorbing and nice to touch i-Phone cover…

Interlocking pieces for.. well.. just about anything! The perfect studio inspiration board or ‘mat’ for random objects in the studio.

"Hot Surface Houndstooth Set" by Jaime Salm @ Mio

The World’s Largest Cork Mosaic.. my favourite.

229,764 corks, 27 days and an impressive amount of wine later, the world’s largest cork mosaic was unveiled in Albania.

Artist Saimir Strati created a magnificent Mediterranean scene called… (trust me to find this) Romeo with a crown of grapes playing the guitar while dancing with the sea and the sun, reaching two stories high and almost 13 m in length (over 40 feet).

Sustainable, durable and beautiful (particularly when marked with your favourite drop)… Corks are Cool.

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