KRISP Handmade – Tee Pees for Kids

6 Sep

I had the pleasure of meeting with Kristien de Jong, the creative juice behind newly hatched KRISP handmade.

With mulled wine in hand, we talked tee pees, nostalgia and designing for kids.

I can’t help but notice Kristien’s delicate accent, and given my foreign obsessions, I probe a little…

Ah yes, I’m a Dutch girl who moved to Australia for LOVE 4 years ago. [It’s always for a boy or about a boy, isn’t it!]

I see the love seems to be going well [active little toddler scoots across the floorboards]…

I’m a proud mum to a little boy and recently started KRISP handmade – my little adventure as a ‘mumpreneur’. I make fabric tee pee tents for children, all 100% handmade with the beauty being in the detail.

After asking whether they come in adult sizes (they are so cool), I ask how it all started…

KRISP handmade for me has been the start of putting many ideas and sketches into real products. I have always loved anything creative, even though that is such a broad term. [I nod in agreement – reflecting on my love for anything weird and wonderful]. I have great appreciation for all things handmade, I love creativity in people, fresh and KRISP ideas, letting your hands create what you have in mind.

What is it like to be a ‘mumpreneur’?

I’m a home body at heart, so I’m lucky to be able to work in my “nirvana” surrounded by things that inspire me and an impressive iPod playlist playing in the background. That said – it can be a challenge to separate house work and work-work in the same environment. Often, my little boy has his own view of my “calendar” so, like many other mumpreneurs out there, I need to be flexible [and sometimes even nocturnal] with working hours.

What inspires you?

Every day I get inspired by different things.
I keep my eyes and mind open for anything really, from shop windows to magazines to internet, movies, museums etc… ideas come from everywhere. 

What is your happiest childhood memory?

Happy childhood memories….I have so many but the fondest memories are those of the summer holidays with my parents and my 3 brothers. On the road to Switzerland, 4 kids on the backseat of the car pulling faces to the people in the cars next to us was only the start to weeks of fun….

What are your thoughts on children’s toys of today?

Children’s toys today are so much about lots of noise, lights, movement and colour while the child doesn’t seem to be able to actually ‘do something creative’ with the toy. It’s cliché but many children (my own boy as well) get most fun out of playing with empty boxes, toilet rolls or wooden spoons, just to name a few. Imagination is the key. Dressing up, role play, building huts and tents, I’m all for it, it’s great for a child’s imagination and creativity.

Enter the tee pee…

My tee pee tents are made with exactly that thought in mind. ‘A little place of my own’ for children to play games, eat a snack or even take a nap….endless possibilities. I use 100% cotton fabric and bamboo poles for the tents, no plastics or chemicals or paints…..all natural. [I think it has been the secret desire of every child in history to own their very own, private and personal tee pee. We applaud you.]

Are KRISP tee pees more of an ‘indoor’ treasure?

KRISP handmade tee pees can be used both outdoor and indoor and since they are lightweight with their bamboo poles, they can be lifted up and folded away in a flash. At this stage, every KRISP tee pee is different in choice of fabric. Appliqués are stitched to the front or sides to create an even more unique, trendy tee pee.

Product Info

Tee Pee Cost: $150

KRISP Handmade is coming soon to Made It and Etsy but in the meantime, you can find the terrific tee pees by visiting the KRISP handmade Facebook page or touch and play with them at the following Melbourne markets:

Werribee Craft Festival – Nov 5 +6 @ Hoppers Crossing Leisure & Event Centre

Point Cook Handmade Market – Oct 2 @ Jamieson Way community Centre


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