My dress “needs something”: Embellishments to die for

12 Apr

Have you found “the dress” but want to rip off and replace bits you’re not a fan of?

Today’s round up of beautiful embellishments can be used for most of your accessory needs: shoe slips, brooches, dress add-ons, hair pieces and more.

If you’re feeling particularly clever, check out our DIY links at the end.

Designer of the Week: Lo Boheme

Lo Boheme’s exquisite collection of vintage-inspired accessories are as versatile as they are gorgeous. I love the rhinestone + lace pieces.


So you really want to complete a D-I-Y project, but you don’t know how? Doing-it-yourself gives you a chance to incorporate objects that are special to you such as your mother’s favourite brooch or rosary beads.

Jewel Box Ballerina have created some great tutorials to guide you through a number of D-I-Y projects. They even have some free tutorials for alternative bouquets, shoe clips, fabric flowers, feather pens and brooch pins.

Style Me Pretty also have links to some lovely D-I-Y projects.

Leave a comment if you would like to find out where you can buy these beautiful treasures.


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