Heavy Metal Treasure Hunt

6 Apr

Not only can you reduce your carbon footprint by using reclaimed materials to make beautiful statement pieces, old world objects have character. They tell a story.

From industrial-style furniture pieces to interesting jewellery, pre-loved metal bits make for great talking points and unique collections. Here are the spoils of my treasure hunt this morning…

Vintage Metal Flower Frogs, available on Etsy.

‘Tankette’ Table by Paolo Pallucco and Mirielle Rivier.

1970’s Cube Table by John Dickinson 1970s

A very cool Pipe sconce bookshelf with oil candles, available on Etsy

Toughen up with this Handmade scrap metal media cabinet, available on Etsy.

I love this 19th-century British marine light used to transmit Morse code, by Restoration Hardware.

Oversized Funnels make great rustic ornaments, available on Etsy.

And finally, I need to get me one of these super-dooper Recycled Silver Spoon rings, available on Etsy.

Got any metal bits you’re proud of? Send through a photo and tell us their story…


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