Style File: Hell for Leather

3 Apr

… Well, not quite. Leather is something which should was always come with a “less is more” warning tag. That said, today’s Sunday evening round up puts the spotlight on my wish list for this season.

Leather Lace iPhone Cover available on Etsy.

Hate cliche’s? Me too.

For a bit of edgy romance, check out His + Hers Longitude/Latitude leather bands to record your first meeting place, available on Etsy.

1950s Restored ‘Copenhagen’ Ottoman and ‘Hair-on-Hide’ Chair, available at the Restoration Hardware.

Aguapé  black leather chair by Edra.

Aguapé is the name of a Brazilian water flower, hence the seat is composed of hundreds of laser-cut profiles that look like petals.

‘Viceversa’ chaise lounge by Erba. The perfect addition, we think, to a bachelorette pad.

Unleash your inner biker with these zip-detailed leather skinny pants by Balmain, available at net-a-porter.

Indulge in oh-so-romantic barefoot luxury with leather & macramé footwear by Jen Kao.


And finally, we end with perfection. Don’t leave for your summer holiday without this angelic Dolce & Gabbana white leather and macrame tote.



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